What Kind of battery is used in an e-Bike?

Batteries are an essential part of the e-bikes and the main parts that contribute directly to the performance of your e-bikes.

In this modern era, battery technology is proliferating, and new features combine in the batteries' new models.

With the popularity of the electric bikes and the use of battery producing markets also expands. Many new manufacturers come into the market with modern, intuitive features additions.

Variety in the market does not mean that all the batteries are good performers; many things are involved in the right battery choice.

When he enters the market to purchase the battery for its new e-bike, a bike owner becomes confused when seeing a large number of brands in the market.

To get rid of this ridiculous job, we came here with the right solution that will help you to make the best electric bike battery choice for your bike.

Kinds of E-bike Batteries Available in the Market

Here we will tell you all the popular kinds of batteries with their material and features descriptions. After reading all the necessary things about these batteries, you will choose a good one for an electric bike with ease.

Lithium-ion Batteries for e-bike

More than 80% of the market share is of these lithium-ion batteries in all parts of the globe. People prefer lead-ion batteries over all other available batteries for the electric bikes.

When you do not want to compromise on weight, range, life, and price, these batteries are the right choice.

You can install these batteries anywhere and with any of the electric bikes' models by molding them without harming their performance.

These batteries are lightweight and have a great capacity to store a large amount of power in them. You can go on a long ride with an average charging of 60% up to 50 km.

Lead Acid Batteries for Electric Bikes

Another popular but old form of electric vehicles' batteries is lead-acid batteries that are cheap and low quality.

These batteries are simple and easy to refill with the acid, and in the low income, people prefer to use them due to their low cost.

But problems remain with batteries while you take a ride, and you pay much than the Lithium-ion batteries' price.

In these batteries, the cheap raw material is used in manufacturing, which is not costly but a wrong choice for your e-bike.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries for E-bikes

If you want a battery that performs on average, you can take Nickel-Cadmium batteries for your bikes.

These batteries provide you better results than lead-acid batteries but these batteries also not the right choice.

The reason behind them is that these are costly and very difficult to recycle. Once these batteries get dead, you may be lost your entire investment.


A large variety and models of the batteries are available in the market with many advanced features.

But we recommend you to choose the Lithium-ion batteries due to their unique features. You can get a better ride on your E-bike while installing the Lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries are fit for your bikes regarding range, lifecycle, weight, power storage capacity, and price.

We also recommend you to know how to maximize and optimize your battery performance and learn how to protect the battery of an electric bike

Use Only Recommended Brands and Insure that the battery on your E-Bikes is good quality and well-build. Brands like Juice Bikes and Ridel Bikes are examples.

I hope you understand the Kind of batteries after reading our article What Kind of battery is used in an e-Bike.

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