5 #eCommerce tips to convert more

Let's assume you've got everything already set up correctly: your product is strong, you've individuated a market for it, you have a clear value proposition, but your website just isn't performing like you'd want it to.

Here's how you can give the whole thing a push to make sure you're converting more and more visitors.

Use feature-rich plugins to make your UX better.

If you're selling on WooCommerce plugins like Gloo offer plenty of features like the Bundle Maker Widget or Checkout Anything that help you streamline the pipeline from visitor to costumer, all the way to the checkout. If you're working with Elementor too, Gloo allows you to use a wide range of new dynamic tags, designed specifically for WooCommerce.

Cart Abandonment Plugins.

Let's start from the easiest users to convert, those who have already expressed interest in your product enough to actually add it to their cart. About 50% of the users visiting your websites are abandoning your cart!

I suggest addressing these users with a chain of three emails, spanning over a few days, each escalating the amount of resources you're willing to dedicate to the potential client: start with a simple reminder, then offer technical support, and in the end, entice them with a discount coupon. That should do the trick.

Simplify the Checkout Process.

This step is self-explanatory. Checking out should be as straightforward as possible for your users. Complex funnels or purchase flows tend to frustrate people and they'll be more likely to give up on you. Hard to get frustrated when buying something is as easy as clicking two or three times! Again, you can use Checkout Anything  here.

Optimize, optimize, optimize.

Simply put, make sure your website speed optimization is up to par. This ties back to the frustration element. Slow websites all predictably and consistently have a higher bounce rate.

Set up your Analytics correctly, and from Day One.

The more data, and the longer the time you've been gathering and analyzing it, the better. Set up pixels and tags for every channel you're predicting traffic will come from, and segment your audience to adjust your aim to target those who convert the most.

These tips will let you see more bang for your buck from the moment they're all properly implemented.

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